Institutional Steel Buildings

People who live in the mountains near earthquake faults tend to build steel homes to be safer. We can follow your lead for construction details from beginning to end. Storage facilities can be constructed using our steel building kits, and so can church buildings. If you want a metal roof on your building, you can choose from several styles.

Building with metal gives you a lot of flexibilities you may not realize. People who live near the ocean choose steel building designs for their durability. You will find very clear instructions that come along with your prefab metal building. Some people want the look of a sleek modern design while others prefer the good old fashioned look of years ago. When you need an indoor tennis court or soccer field or batting cages, you can have a building with odd shapes and extra high ceilings designed. When you give us the dimensions for your auto body shop, we will put together all the beams you need and follow your design for windows and doors.