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Institutional Steel Buildings

Putting together a steel building might be a great thing to do with your friends and family. If you live in an earthquake area, be sure to let our design team know when you place your order. When you build a steel building, the chances of it rotting away are practically none. Having a forklift ready to unload your supplies when the shipment comes in would be a good idea.

Whether you need a bank with drive through teller locations or a restaurant with a fast food window, we can show you plans for those. Whether you want windows in your warehouse or you need only a front door and overhead doors, you can let us know what configuration you need. We have many different designs you can choose from, depending on the size of lot where you will be placing your steel building. You can dress up your metal building any way you like so that it looks like a regular home. Many school systems have saved money by having parents help with the construction of a new school. If you need a giant warehouse with an upper loft and offices on the lower level, we can design that for you.