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Institutional Steel Buildings

When building codes are an issue, we can cut your building materials to within a sixteenth of an inch for accuracy. When ordering a prefab metal building you will need to do your own assembly on your property. Drawing up plans for the construction of your steel church and school gives you instructions to follow as you construct it. We create metal building solutions that will beat your expectations and bring you a building that will last for years to come.

When you need an indoor tennis court or soccer field or batting cages, you can have a building with odd shapes and extra high ceilings designed. Our design team will be sure to include information for your electrical contractor. Our design team has created so many designs for steel buildings that you will probably find one in our portfolio that you love. Office buildings and warehouses will look great when you put them in place on your land. People who live near the ocean choose steel building designs for their durability. Auto repair buildings are generally made of metal, and they can be dressed up with brick or stucco on the outside.