Industrial Steel Buildings

If you prefer to have an elevator in your building, we can put that into the design. If you happen to need tons of electrical outlets in your steel building, just let our design team know. Adding a steel addition to your home could give you a lot of extra room. When you give us the dimensions for your auto body shop, we will put together all the beams you need and follow your design for windows and doors.

Some people use metal building kits because of the cost, and others use them for the durability. Having our design team suggest roofing ideas as well as windows and doors may help you put the perfect building together. Call your local building inspector to see of you need a variance or anything else before you begin to build. Constructing your steel building yourself can translate into thousands of dollars in savings. There is no limit to the amount of creativity you can use when designing your own metal structure.

Building with steel is something farmers do all the time for buildings that house their farm equipment.