Steel Building Kits Customized

Constructing your steel building yourself can translate into thousands of dollars in savings. When you need to add on a steel garage or shop building, you can build it yourself with one of our building kits. Aviation buildings that are large enough for aircraft can be beautifully designed to look as good as they function. It would be a good idea to have a forklift on hand to unload your metal building when it arrives. If what you want in your building plans does not fit into your budget, our design team will let you know.

If you want a round building, our design team can figure that out for you. Whatever you choose from any of our color charts can be worked into the design you need for your steel building kit. Be sure you give us all the specifics and check with your local building inspector to see if there is anything special we need to take in to consideration when making your prefab kit. Your steel building can have glass windows, a brick exterior, stucco sides and a metal roof. If you prefer to have us design your building plans and make sure we are following specific building codes in your area, we can do that.

You will find that our plans will use every piece of steel and every screw and bolt you are sent. The objective of ordering a new steel building kit is to save money over what it would cost for a contractor. If you want a dramatic effect, adding brick to the outside will hide the fact that the construction is sturdy and will last for years. If you enjoyed playing with tinker toys or building sets as a child, you will probably enjoy constructing a steel building. When you need an extra building on your farm or your ranch, check out the potential with a build your own steel building kit.

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